Logica, Technica
Historica, Epica

We transform themes and events into memorable epic stories by finding and executing the right recipe of authenticity, suspense and imagination.

Based on knowledge (logica) in combination with a diverse toolbox (technica) and track record (historica) for more than two decades of global audio-visual storytelling we translate memorable moments into inspiring and compelling stories.

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From sports entertainment shows in Russia to factual crime formats in Brazil and corporate documentaries in Africa we know what it takes to conceptualize and execute a winning formula.

We aim to find the perfect balance between technology, crew and the high standards that our clients expect. We have decades of experience working worldwide, with all ranges of budgets, crew sizes, gear, and logistical parameters. 

All of the different elements come together in the post-production phase by great editing, sound/music design and color grading.

Our creative efforts are  supercharged with VFX or motion graphics. This includes UHD/4K or higher productions for broadcast purposes.

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