Audiovisual Content is the enabler for all
activities in this new
omni channel world.

Connecting with your target audiences was a matter producing high end content and allocating budget to the largest channels or publishers. But since the digital revolution audiences are spending more and more time across an increasing number of channels and devices.

It’s become increasingly difficult for storytellers and marketeers to keep up with the incredibly seamless experiences audiences enjoy due to the difficulty in predicting where they will go next. A multichannel approach is imperative to tell a seamless story, but the perceived complexity and expense involved in becoming a true multichannel player has become a barrier for brands to keep up.



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Multi-channel storytelling, means you have a main platform (website or void) and next to that your brand is present on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Most (eCommerce) organisations do that, they connect with their audience by these means, usually separately from each other.

Omni-channel storytelling, means all channels are integrated into each other, providing your audiences with a seamless experience, no matter which device they use to interact with you. You can’t say your strategy is omni-channel unless the channels are coordinated, integrated, aiming at one and the same goal.

  • Take an audience-centric approach,
    not a channel-specific one.
  • Overcome channel silos, both at the organizational and the technological levels.
  • Continually work to make your messaging as relevant and meaningful as possible, regardless of device, channel or content type.
  • Rely on multi-channel attribution to both measure and improve omni-channel efforts. This allows you to take a holistic view of your campaigns and evaluate them without bias.

These four tactics enable you to tell a different story, one that focuses on the advertising and storytelling that consumers love. Getting this right involves an integrated approach across the various touch points available to reach audiences both online and offline.

Creating a cohesive story that transcends all platforms, publishers, and devices. Technology is critical here, to provide not only clarity and analysis, but also take action to optimize data in real time. That’s when the magic starts to happen.

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